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Our Instructor

Tarrah Mauricette

Certified Spring 2012

Though Tarrah Mauricette has lived in Canada most of her life, she thrives on her Caribbean essence. Born and raised in the lovely Island of St. Lucia, Tarrah remains very attached to her Island home. This connection has been instrumental in Tarrah’s wellbeing and in turn her joyful disposition, and colorful outlook on life. Combined with the gloom of long North American winters, Tarrah observed and concluded that others could benefit from her tropical treatments.

Certified as a Canada Fitness Professional (Canfitpro) fitness instructor since 2012, Tarrah's love of dance, movement, color and Island spirit navigates her journey of overall wellness. In her classes weaving in childhood memories, Island-life experiences as well as sharing educational and historical components pushes the limits to a cultural exchange. This position has almost propelled Tarrah in the role of ambassadorship as some of her participants have travelled to the Caribbean as a result. Tarrah is very community oriented and can often be found participating in various community events, schools, organizations and celebrations, and engaging with all ages.

Tarrah’s passion is truly palpable.

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