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Dance is breath. It is there, I celebrate inner peace. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else; their thoughts, their judgments, the opinions. It is how I give thanks. I feel free, passionate, expressive, vibrant, confident, powerful.

I simply love movement.

The Benefits of Movement

Lowers stress levels

Helps improve heart health

Helps build muscle and mobility

Improve strength, balance and flexibility

Diminishes depression - lifts your spirit

Improves coordination between mind and body

Enhance social connectivity

Classes & Activities


One of my greatest pleasures of a Caribbean carnival observing the bliss of revellers. It is from there I have drawn my inspiration for Caribbean Fit Fete. With eyes closed and pleasing smiles, hands are thrown up in the air like antennae to guide out the worries of life. It is in that moment, nothing seems to matter; not the bills, not the household, not the job, not the future, NOTHING. That exhale is rewarded with an inhale to prize the simple pleasure of just being; carefree and blessed.

Community Events and Activities

On Fitness/wellness

I encourage everyone to simply keep the body moving in appreciation for its present capabilities; acknowledge how it fights for you despite any given circumstance. It need not be dance, but whatever moves you. Your body is a lifetime gift; it will strive to honor you in return. It is this dynamic exchange that is cause for celebration. This is a lifelong wellness party you simply can’t afford miss.

On Caribbean Fit Fete

Having any apprehension or intimidation about a CFF experience would completely negate the intention of the class.

It is insisted that you leave all the stresses of the day behind and come FREE UP YUHSELF! Just as one travels to the Caribbean to escape the tasking demands of life albeit just for a moment, Caribbean Fit Fete is that dance movement destination.

Your instructor is your pilot to getting you there. Just grab hold of the music and soar.

Private & Group Lessons

Zoom or when permitted in person

Arrangements upon Booking

Outdoor Caribbean Fit Fete Starting in May 2021

Strathcona Park

Wednesdays - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturdays -10:30am - 11:30am

Zoom Fit Fete Classes

Online using Zoom Platform

Wednesdays - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturdays - 10:30am - 11:30am(until May 2021 - move to Outside Classes)

Our Instructor

Certified Spring 2012

Though Tarrah Mauricette has lived in Canada most of her life, she thrives on her Caribbean essence. Born and raised in the lovely Island of St.Lucia, Tarrah remains very attached to her Island home. This connection has been instrumental in Tarrah’s wellbeing and in turn her joyful disposition, and colorful outlook on life. Combined with the gloom of long North American winters, Tarrah observed and concluded that others could benefit from her tropical treatments.

Certified as a Canada Fitness Professional (Canfitpro) fitness instructor since 2012, Tarrah's love of dance, movement, color and Island spirit navigates her journey of overall wellness. In her classes weaving in childhood memories, Island-life experiences as well as sharing educational and historical components pushes the limits to a cultural exchange. This position has almost propelled Tarrah in the role of ambassadorship as some of her participants have travelled to the Caribbean as a result. Tarrah is very community oriented and can often be found participating in various community events, schools, organizations and celebrations, and engaging with all ages.

Tarrah’s passion is truly palpable.

CARIBBEAN FIT FETE invites you to ‘Get Fit ~ Island Style”.

This cardio workout emulates the spirit of the Caribbean, where music and movement makes for a perfect escape. Soca, Reggae, Chutney, Zouk, Caribbean Jazz, Latin and more is the vehicle to get you there. Give your body license to move and to do so deliberately within its range. Let your smile be your sun and your movement be your breeze. Have the audacity to wear rich, bright and vibrant colors to stimulate your spirit and ignite your heat.

There is no wrong or right move, or ‘I can’t dance’ proclamation. There’s no judging, grading or taking notes; there’s no show or performance. For this act, you are your own choreographer, performer and spectator so be ready to clap the skin off your hands for your celebration.

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